Beyond Bullying

“We Need Some New Ways to Be Together”
“In order to fundamentally transform our interactions, we need to address how our present language supports and maintains this (our) current culture of demands, judgements, fault-finding, shaming and coercion. We need to address the social question where it lives – in how we language our living. We need to re-language our living so that our universal human being finds its voice.  An anthroposophically-inspired nonviolent communication has the capacity to support us in accelerating this change by unfolding a universal human need-based consciousness, and by bringing clarity into the essential elements in our speaking, listening and understanding. These elements are Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests. In every communication, these elements live”. – John Cunningham, Orcas Island in the Puget Sound May 16, 2005

*Thank you to the parents who joined the NVC Circle at Collingwood College on Fri 16th March for Anti-Bullying Day. I’m feeling inspired as we shift consciousness together towards languaging life from a place of feelings and needs. It was a privilege to share the honesty and learning together. – Karen


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