Facilitated Practice Group at GKI

Living NVCFacilitated Practice Sessions @ GKI
7pm – 9pm Weds evenings fortnightly in Kew
Dates for the rest of the year are:
August 14 & 28 . September 11 & 25 . October 9 & 23 . November 13 & 27 . December 11

Practice Groups are a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) community idea supporting group participants ongoing learning and regular practice of the principles and model of Empathy (NVC). It is preferred that practice group participants have read Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication… A Language of Life” or participated in a foundation training weekend.

At GKI the group currently has 7 members, and is facilitated each fortnight so there are structured opportunities for genuine connection, continued learning of Nonviolent Communication and ‘real-life’ practice of the model.

You are very welcome to join us 🙂

Fee requested $20 ($15 unwaged).
Expressions of interest and inquiries to karen@globalkindnessinitiative.com or 0433153536

RSVP for the next session or future sessions while you’re here 🙂

Women’s Circle… Connecting to Life

ImageLife is all about the quality of our connections as we grow and change through the seasons of our lives. What makes life unforgettable are those moments and friendships that transcend the ordinary… inspiring us to believe passionately in ourselves and each other, and giving us the strength to lead our children along the path of the soul.
Come and help us hold the space as we connect in women’s circle to explore our collective wisdom and self-reflect in the warmth of connection.

Next Date: Sat September 14th 2013
Time: 11am – 3pm
Space: Montmorency (address will be provided at time of booking)
Cost: $25
Contact Jenna on 0406738220 or email Melinda at zanzimel@gmail.com to book your place.

You’re welcome to read more about our last event and connect to others in the group Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/384128168358300/

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The Micro-Circle is a wonderful way to connect & support children during conflict :-)

familyI’d like to share a REALLY wonderful gift with you that works incredibly well when working with siblings (or your partner/parent and your child) when there is conflict. It’s called a mirco-restorative circle, drawn from the work by Dominic Barter who created the Restorative Circle process.

I’ve been using the micro version at home with the children AND IT’S WONDERFUL 🙂 The core thing for me in developing a compassionate consciousness is not to eliminate conflict but to embrace it as a part of a greater whole approach that sees everyone’s needs and feelings as equal.

This process is so simple and yet so powerful in helping your children get “unstuck” when they get caught in disconnected behaviour.

It’s also a great questioning process to use for yourself when feeling stuck in a communication…. I could have re-written it but I prefer to send you straight to the website of the lady who has created the micro circle work and read her inspiring description of it.  I guarantee it will give you something amazing to apply immediately 🙂 http://www.improvecommunication.net/2010/10/3-steps-that-transform-sibling-conflict.html

Reflections from the recent Women’s Circle

WP_001943I’m really moved to share my experience on Saturday of the Sacred Women’s Circle, it was so deliciously amazing and I am still floating in genuine gratitude and feeling so nourished. I’m hoping my sharing contributes some how to your feeling included.

I’m remembering sitting in the kitchen with Radhika about half past ten in the morning… she’d arrived early at 9.30am with her massage table and exquisite essential oils to offer nurturing and balance for me, to help me feel deeply in my body and connected. It had worked wonders. We were enjoying the fragrance of the oils over our cups of tea and sharing what was ‘alive’, what we were feeling and hoping for ourselves for the day. I felt clear and ready when the others arrived.

We collected the platter of fruit and our belongings and headed out the back and up the rocky pathway to ‘The Space’… a bowl of white flowers was placed alongside our candles and the table centrepiece. In opening the Circle we each lit a candle and chose a needs card that seemed to speak to us. The whiteboard said “In this sacred space I deepen into the amazing woman I am, I allow, I flow into my fullness, wisdom and love”.
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This is on my parenting bucket list, would you like to join me?

Do you know the ‘bucket list’ idea?  Have you written one?

I started thinking of it recently, wondering what would I most like to do before I die, not that I’m planning my earthly exit any time soon, but hey, who am I to know?  So anyway, I’ve realised something… I’m not really phased if I don’t get to climb a mountain in Peru or dance in the rain in Paris, but I’d really like to write a book for my children, would you like to be a part of creating it?

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Releasing our ‘perfect parent’ ideas, and celebrating our every day efforts with less stress, guilt-trips and shame.

We can allow ourselves to be happier, warmer and more present with our children when we release the shame and disappointment of not being the ‘perfect parent’ and embrace ourselves and each other with greater compassion and authenticity.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) allows us to express our realities of suffering and ‘imperfection’ as well as our joy from a place that doesn’t “ask” (unconsciously) our children to feel responsible for it. For me it’s a tangible way to role-model courage and emotional self-responsibility.

It’s challenging just a little (!), the notion of offering our children a legacy that includes emotional courage and self-responsibility. I’m still working towards it myself, and actually for me, that’s the legacy… working on it… improving towards what I’ve come to see is deeply important to me.

From an NVC or compassionate point of view, I would say that “I’m simply not contributing as much on my darker days to those loftier values”, and perhaps finding other ways to deeply know, mourn, and express myself as fully human. Suffering after all is our birthright, and isn’t it honestly through the suffering that we discover our deepest longing for connection and expression of love?

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Creating emotional safe-zones in our classrooms and at home

Today it seems, the children are less afraid of us! 🙂 Are your children more willing to speak up for themselves? My own children certainly seem much less willing to ‘do what they’re asked/told’ than I used to be.  Some traditionalists may argue we’ve lost the rule of discipline in our homes and classrooms, but I think it’s something more compelling and interesting than that.

My guess is we’re shedding the old ‘rules’ in search of more sustaining ways to be together, ways that contribute to us trusting each other more… creating safety-zones of expression in our classrooms and families so that we can all feel genuinely heard and appreciated.  It’s wonderful (perhaps some may say idealistic) but fundamentally it asks us to review and ‘remember’ our skills for successful relating.

The challenge is to compassionately phase out the old rules that rely on ‘control’, and re-language our relationships with good humor, trust and patience. It does ask something of us, but it seems, that doing what we’ve always done, isn’t providing the heart-felt relationship satisfaction that we’d more likely enjoy.

I’m finding it’s challenging to let go of some of the old habits, that’s why I enjoy working in circle through shared experience and with support. I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing some frustration and conflict in the parent/child relationship. What is it like for you?

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